Crimson Tide Canvas Set – Totally Awesome Retro
Crimson Tide Canvas Set

Crimson Tide Canvas Set

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You're aware of the name of this ship aren't you Mr Cobb!?

It represents fine people! 


IMPORTANT: Prints come either framed (stretched over wood) or unframed!  The product image you see is framed and ready to hang.  If you order them unframed you'll just get the rolled up canvas prints with 1-2" of space around them so you can frame them yourself if you want.

Small: 2 pieces in 8x14in, 2 pieces in 8x18in, 1 piece in 8x21in

Medium: 2 pieces in 12x16 in, 2 pieces in 12x24in, 1 piece in 12x32in

Large: 2 pieces in 16x24in, 2 pieces in 16x32in, 1 piece in 16x40in


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